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Vistazos a los alrededores del V Foro Cultura y Ruralidades organizado por el Ministerio de Cultura en Navia, Asturies.

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Smithsonian Open Access

«With new platforms and tools, you have easier access to more than 3.9 million 2D and 3D digital items from our collections—with many more to come. This includes images and data from across the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, nine research centers, libraries, archives, and the National Zoo.»


Feral Atlas

«Feral effects can be wonderful or terrible. Humans would all be dead without feral effects. If human landscape transformation was as effective as modernist dreamers claim in replacing earlier ecologies, we might have no more forests or fisheries. Forests grow back, fish escape and reproduce: in such instances, we are lucky to live with feral effects. At the same time, feral effects can kill us, both humans and nonhumans.»
From ‘Introduction to Feral Atlas’